Academic Awards Ceremony 2017

Academic Awards Ceremony was hosted by Lambton College at Lambton College's Event Centre on London road, Sarnia on March 8, 2017.

TD Canada Trust - Community Leadership Award

Pragya Singh, Business Management International Business, Year Two

TD Canada Trust - Future Aspirations Award

Hiral Joshi, Business Management Human Resources, Year Two

After the awards, we got a chance to interview Pragya Singh and Hiral Joshi international students from Lambton College about their success. Here are their short success stories.

  • How you feel after archiving the award?

Hiral says "As everyone likes being appreciated, I am glad receiving this award. It feels good when you get an appreciation for all your hard work towards your passion. It encourages me to work harder and achieve my ultimate goal of women empowerment and education. As I am working on Women Empowerment and Education project, it feels so special to get this award on International Women's Day! More power to all the females out there!

While Pragya talks about getting involve with the community and being recognised with the community leadership award is something which motivates her further to do more and more for the community.

  • What inspires you to go ahead in life? 

Hiral thinks her passion, values and family - are three major factors to inspire her towards the success of her goals. On top of this, Hiral is grateful for the constant motivation from her mentor - Jon Milos. She adds if you ask me what inspires me to go ahead in my life, I would say "Do more than exist". Hiral truly believes that you can achieve everything you think about if you are passionate enough to make efforts. In addition to inspiration, Pragya says my inspiration is to go ahead in life .....the satisfaction which I get after thinking that my actions impacted someone's lives positively. This self-satisfaction and my family, teacher's and friends faith in me drives me further and motivates me a lot.

  • What are your goals?

Hiral' goal is to empower women through educating them. A well-educated woman can bring a significant change in the society. Working together, we all women can achieve our goals. There are thousands of smart women out there, but all it takes is one person to make them realise their potentials, capabilities, skills. With powerful, strong women, we can make this world a better place to live. Furthermore, Pragya's goal is to work on women empowerment projects back in India. Also, She wants to go back to India and become the ambassador for the country. Where she could implement all the skills and knowledge gained here at Lambton College, Sarnia, ON.

Highlights -

Welcomed by Marc Guilbeault, Director, Foundation & Alumni Association and Judith Morris, President & CEO.
Presentation of Awards by Kim Graham & Donors
Closing Remarks - Rob Kardas, Vice-President, Student Success & Campus Services