Backlighting Challenge

Assignment number 10 in photographic design and style. We suppose to create three different portraits each with different lighting setup and convert them into a triptych with help of photoshop.

We were given two weeks to complete this assignment. At first, it seems like very easy from the demo photographs so, I thought I will do it later. But before one week the assignment was due and I was having trouble to find a model I asked my roommate sunny to be my model.

Sunny was in the similar situation as it was almost the end of the winter term at Lambton College. But at last sunny agreed to help me out with a promise to be completed within an hour.  I agreed and booked the studio from 4 PM - 6 PM. Next day sunny informed me that he will come around 4:45 PM, which gave me 45 minutes to set up the three different lighting studio.

The shoot was completed in thirty minutes and we left the studio around 5:45 PM after packing the studio equipment.

Results from backlighting challenge