It's possible to be versatile. Interview with Bisi Alawode (part two)

  • What was the reason you decided to become a full-time photographer?

Becoming full-time photographer was more of my dream, when I was continuing my photography and started reading autobiographies, I realise that it's possible to be versatileWhat I mean by that is that now it is possible to be more than one-way traffic. I read a lot of biographies of people and there was some person who was an architect, engineer and doctor just one single person. It means our brain is able to do so many things and can achieve success in all of them. So, I wanted more for myself. I wanted to focus on photography exploring all the possibilities there and at the same time been able to diversify into other areas. Because it makes me realise, that human's ability is endless. As long as you are able to sit down and focus on one thing you could achieve and become best in. So, for me to become a full-time photographer is just to explore one of my abilities and excel in that area. Mostly, I do wedding photography, but I am versatile enough to do other things. And that is one of the benefits of studying Digital Photography at Lambton College, I was able to learn different aspects of photography and I was able to showcase what I can create in different scenarios.


 Bisi Alawode Photography

Bisi Alawode Photography

  • Why you choose Canada for photography education?

I always wanted to come to Canada. I think Canada embodies my personal values as a person. Canada is a very strong nation that is very shy. This beautiful country has so many resources and so much potential and Canada have power under control and that is one of the reasons I choose Canada for studying photography.

  • How did Digital Photography Program at Lambton College help you to archive your goals in photography?

One big thing for me was the closeness of the class, the relationship I developed in the Digital Photography program and also the experiences of the professors, which helped me to become who I am today and I am always thankful to them. 

  • Do you think any specific area you should have paid attention to, while you were in college?

Maybe, web design will be that area I should have paid attention, But I got too much busy with other things. Just because I am someone who does not like sitting. I am always looking for new opportunities the affects the people around me. I should have learned web design, but at one point I lose the interest but no excuses.

  • Who influences/inspire you the most in photography? / Do you have a mentor?

Yes, I do have a mentor, I realise that mentorship is usually depended on in which area you want to grow. Then you could have a mentor in photography or mentor in life. Richard Beland is my mentor in photography and in life, my mentor is someone I look up to and speak to is my paster back in Nigeria. I am very close with him now and I travelled to Chicago from Sarnia three months ago to see him.

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