How to take advantage of the location ? (Studio anywhere)

Photographing someone on location? Having trouble for ideas what to do with the location you are stuck with? Here is the quick trick to make the location interesting.

Anywhere you go, you can take advantage of the location by matching your vision with the location. Follow these two helpful practises and learn by doing.

1 - Prior to the shoot, reaching out to the location and taking similar shots without your model in it, is the best old fashioned way to plan for the look you want to convey. Besides that keep looking for interesting angles, compositions colour schemes and texture.

I took these photos from my mobile Samsung A7 while walking the street before the photoshoot I did with Sophie.

2 - Plan the dress code, colour scheme and posing for the photo shoot. It will not only help you to be ready when you model will arrive on the location, Hence you will also be able to tweak the concept if it's not working because you are already prepared.


Bonus tip - Use mood boards like Pinterest and Gomoodboard to accumulate your idea or reference and share them easily with your team or model.

Final photos