Treat from the teacher

We are about to complete our final semester of Digital Photography program at Lambton College, our English teacher Erica Kelly, baked cupcakes to enjoy the hard work everyone did during the semester. Erica is a very talented and one of my favourite teacher. Erica has helped me since day one till the last day of the diploma. She is the one who pushed me forward and helped me to define my strength in writing for media course. We set couples of time to discuss my ideas and assignment.


 Portrait of Erica Kelly, Professor ,  Lambton College.    Photo   by Bisi Alawode Photography

Portrait of Erica Kelly, Professor, Lambton College.  Photo by Bisi Alawode Photography

Erica Kelly is a Professor of English at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario. Erica started her career with an undergraduate degree in English at Brock University, then she completed a Master’s in English at Queen’s. She again went to complete her second Master’s of Social Justice at Brock University. After completing from Brock, Erica enjoyed the great experience, where she grew the urge to learn more and in the end, Erica completed her PhD in the spring of 2010 in English at the Western university and began her position at Lambton in 2012. She has published articles on social justice and Canadian poetry, and continues to research the role of art in social change.

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