How to compile your idea of concept photoshoot ?

There are moments, when you feel like you have an idea for a concept photoshoot you want to do,  but feeling it will be too much or how to make a path that leads to successful final result? Still stuck? Worry not I have listed a process I tried, which might help you as well to stay on track.

Step 1 -  Write down you idea

  • Writing your idea on a piece of paper will not only help you to remember it. The written words will also help you to modify it as you start processing your idea.
  • When an idea pops out in your mind write it down immediately in a note pad, book, diary, or a blank paper. 
  • Keeping a small note book with you either in a car, wallet, bed room or working area will help you to write and remember your ideas and useful key information.
  • For example - I wanted to create a photo manipulation. The concepts was "QUEST" in which, A girl handing a lantern in the woods while wearing the red hood.
  • For QUEST project - I wrote in my notebook beside my bed to check back later.
  • Third day from writing the idea down, I visited that page again and made a moodboard of my ideas and inspiration.


Step 2 - Research your Idea

  • Now you have an idea / concept in your mind, lets start by writing more about the idea.
  • Idea - I want to photograph someone holding a lantern in Red riding hood theme.
  • Place - Woods
  • You can also start by listing items / or scouting the location you need for the photoshoot.
  • Things Needed- Red hood/ cloth/ bed-sheet
  • Equipments - Off Camera Flash, Stand, Pocket Wizards, Camera, lens with big f stop number.
  • Model - Ask your friends/post on Facebook you will get someone who wants to volunteer for you.


Step 3 - Plan the shoot

  • After listing all your needs about the concept photoshoot.
  • Share your mood board with your model and plan your calendar for the shoot.
  • Make sure you check the weather one day of shooting prior to your shoot, also if you can visit your location before the shoot "Thank me later".
  • Research if your selected location is safe to be for certain hours, ask for permission if the location belongs to someone.
  • Contact your model with whole story, location, date and time.


Step 4 - The big Day

  • Collect all the stuff you have listed for the shoot a night before and contact your model prior to the shoot.
  • Don't forget food / water for yourself and the model, you never know how long it will take "Be ready".
  • Make sure you have backup of almost everything camera, lens, memory cards, flash, light-meter, pocket wizards, tripod, because you never know what kind of error you may face in the field.
  • Check your location for any dangerous thing on the surface, metal, nails, broken glass "Safety first".
  • Practise the shoot and setup the props before your model arrive on the location.
  • Check the batteries, white balance, also measure DOP and mark the positions of the photographer and the model)
  • Shoot the concept and be patience. Keep reminding your self it was your idea and you have to make it.
  • Don't just shoot and leave, instead shoot and review on big screen and make note if you have everything in focus. Once you are satisfied scream "PACK UP".
  • Research and make notes from the shoot for future reference.

Step 5- Edit / Composite

  • Don't forget to copy the original RAW files in backup drive before editing.
  • Cull the images
  • Edit the photo
  • Photoshop
  • Pat yourself on the back for a successful project.
  • Make a list of project you want to do or keep writing in the notebook and check frequently.
  • Sleep for 24 hours


The Final Result


 Quest By Raspal Singh

Quest By Raspal Singh