Toronto in 5 hours (Photography Tour)

Hello again, I am Raspal Singh. Second year Digital Photography International Student at Lambton College, Sarnia. In our third semester at Lambton College, we needed to submit photographs for two of our subjects Journalism Photography and Pop culture. As part of our program, my photography class went on the trip to New York city, USA during Oct 12, 2016 - Oct 16, 2016.

I was unable to join the group on this trip as the US embassy refused to approve my visa request. So I was here in Sarnia completing the assignments on my own. During that same week (on Friday actually) I got an email from One of our program committee supporters and owner of Photo Tour Trekkers company, James Cowie. James offered me a wonderful opportunity to join on the trip he is hosting on Sunday, Oct 17, 2016, from London (ON) to Toronto (ON) an offer I couldn't resist.

So I joined the group in London and the photo adventure began. I met many like-minded people on this trip who wanted to explore the city from another perspective. For some people, it was their first ever Toronto visit and I could just see the joy of the moment in their eyes. I cannot believe I took 700 RAW photographs within 2.5 hours in Toronto downtown. Here, I am going to share some of the photographs and will be adding more as I edit them on my blog.

And again I would like to thank, James Cowie and Photo Tour Trekkers for the incredible trip experience. James you are very talented and easy to talk to a person. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts about photography and also gained a fabulous trick of photography on the trip. You are blessed with true soul, which is calm and full of positive vibes towards everyone's success. Looking forward to seeing you again.